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Day of the Wedding

Every wedding is special and tailored to Couples specific needs, here is a list of how most weddings are scheduled photographically.

When we meet our clients we organize and  make a shot list of each and every specific need of their special day.



* The team arrives at the location early to scout the best spots for portraits and important shots from our clients list.


* We start with the bride getting dress, and details like the dress and the invitation cards with Parents of the bride,  flowers, rings, jewels, shoes, bride and bridesmaids individually and together.


* If in the same location the groom gets a visit from one of our team or both if we have time and we shoot the groom getting ready, details like cufflings, shirt, tie, the rings, the details of the suit or attire, groom with parents and  groomsmen and best man.


* Depending on the schedule of the wedding and to couple's preference we like to shoot formal family portraits and the entire wedding party portraits before the ceremony. Of course if and only if it is allowed for the bride & groom to see each other before the formal ceremony. Everyone is freshly dressed and coiffed so it is the opportune time to photograph everyone at their best. 


* The team heads out to the ceremony where we capture each and every precious moments in the lifestyle with a fashion flare we are known for. Before the end of the ceremony it is a good thing to have the celebrant tell the wedding guests that they will be photographed for a group shot at such location... and that the bride and groom would appreciate their presence.  


*After the ceremony we photograph the entire wedding party starting with the largest group, the guests where we can quickly organize to have them pose with the couple at the center of the attention. We always go over which location is best to do the group shot and we always have a plan B for any weather issues or other. The wedding party groups are photographed from the largest groups to the smallest to eventually just the couple. It is always a good thing to have the wedding planner or family member in charge of getting family members nearby the photoshoot area especially if the cocktail area is nearby. 


*The Newlyweds alone for beautiful photographic moments and portraits catered to their wishes. Creating long lasting memories in less than 20 minutes or sometimes less.


*Finally the Reception! We shoot everything that is important to our couples, from the cocktail, the details of the tables, the dinner, the guests at each tables,  the first entrance, the first dance, the dance with the parents, the speeches, the cake and the cutting, the bouquet toss,  candid shots of guests rocking it, to the dances and party time! 






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