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The day my photography mentor said I do

André Cornellier is a well known Montreal based Photographer, videographer, curator, lecturer, lecturer, animator, producer, publisher, André Cornellier sits on several juries and is co-founder of the LUX Awards. An important figure in the field of photography and visual arts, he is an artist photographer with a career cumulating more than 30 years of experience. He is known for his artistic and theater photographs that have been published in Quebec and abroad and presented in numerous exhibitions. His photographic work granted him over 70 awards and recognitions, in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Montreal, Geneva. He spent 15 years at CAPIC and PPOC conducting a project to amend the Copyright Act to ensure that Canadian photographers had their rights recognize in the Canadian government. Thanks to this work today, since October 7, 2012, photographers have been the first owner of the rights to their work. I had the opportunity and the chance of working for André Cornellier as an assistant for well over 5 years. I feel so lucky to have seen him in action and learn so much from such an accomplished photographer. What is so amazing about him his is love and passion for photography and his knowledge of everything that is "photography". He helped me get my first editorial assignment as well as teach me to be fearless with any contract that comes my way. It would come really handy for the very special assignment of his wedding day. When I received his call months prior to his big event I got butterflies and I found myself nervous. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was what he requested for his wedding to his beautiful bride Marie. André and Marie wanted a reportage type of photography like André Kertesz, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson...

the ultimate masters of photography no less...yikes! The setting for the wedding the very modern location

Théâtre du Nouveau Monde was absolutely perfect for Marie & André's wedding which was mix with traditions and non traditions and full of joy, laughter and happiness. Along with me for this wonderful event was my fellow photographer Geno Proteau and I am so thankful to have had his sharp eyes capture beautiful images. André had one request was to photograph the group of guests with a 4X5 film camera and thanks to another fellow guest photographer Alain Lefort we accomplished the mission. I created for them this little montage of images of their wonderful wedding day. After sending it to the newlyweds here is what Marie emailed me: Manon !Waouh !! c'est vraiment beau :)))) merci infiniment, je n'aurai pas imaginé plus joli film !! Tout le monde est superbement mis en valeur, il y a l"émotion qui affleure tout au long et qui se mélange avec la joie et la légerté , j’adore ! Mille mercis pour ce travail tout en finesse et en beauté, tu es géniale !!XXX Marie which translates to :

Manon! Wow !! it's really beautiful :)))) thank you very much, I would not have imagined a more beautiful video!! Everyone is superbly highlighted, there is emotion that surfaces all along and blends with joy and lightness, I adore! A thousand thanks for this work done all in finesse and beauty, you're great !! XXX Marie

I Thank you André and Marie for calling on me for this most joyous occasion of your life. I am so proud to show it and share it with you all. xoxo Manon

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