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6 Rules Every Wedding Guest Needs to Follow

Want to be the best attendee ever ? Then commit these rules to memory. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR FULL STORY

Everyone loves attending a wedding, but if you want to ensure you're invited to celebrations for years to come, you need to follow the rules that go along with being a guest. After all, the last thing you want is for any couple to regret inviting you to their big day. So, if you want to be a pro attendee, commit these six simple rules to memory.

#3 Remember That You're Not the Photographer. That means put your cell phone and camera away during the big moments. You'll have plenty of opportunities to take sweet pictures of the couple, so wait for the right time. They paid a lot of money for a great photographer to document the ceremony and reception, and the last thing they want to see in the photos of their first kiss is you with your phone in the background.

Here an example of guest in the shot...

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